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These are the basic rules that our Team will follow:


1. All players must attend practices and games unless a member of the coaching staff has been notified and

approved a player's absence in advance. Practice participation is vital to teambuilding, a player’s ability to

participate safely in games, and a player’s ability to make positive in-game contributions. As such,

playing time in games following missed practice time may be limited.


2. All players will respect coaches, officials, opponents and any other persons who are directly or indirectly

involved with the league. Any disrespect will result in disciplinary action toward that player.


3. All players will show respect toward their teammates at all times and have a team-first attitude. To be

successful, teammates must work together toward a common goal. Any unnecessary aggression or

violence towards another player will result in disciplinary action.


4. No swearing or abusive language will be tolerated at any time.


5. Abuse of any property including, but not limited to, team equipment or facilities where we have a game,

practice and/or function of any kind, will not be tolerated.


6. No player will be allowed on the practice or game field without all required protective equipment.


7. Players are expected to be at the game at least 30 minutes before starting time.


8. To allow parents, guardians, and staff time to consider and appropriately discuss a situation, Abenaki

Lacrosse observes the “24-Hour Rule” – if a disagreement arises, involved parties must wait 24 hours after

the incident before discussing the matter.


9. A goal of the Abenaki program is to provide all players with equitable playing so that they can have fun,

develop as players and learn to work as a team. However, playing time will be allocated solely at the

coach’s discretion and will be based on factors which include, but are not limited to, consistency and

punctuality of practice and game attendance, attitude, effort, compliance with these Team Rules, and the

current game situation.


10. The locker room or team changing area (if no locker room is available) will be closed to parents for 10

minutes prior to and following games. The team bench area is closed to parents during games.


11. These rules are in addition to any U.S. Lacrosse rules, NHYLA rules and Abenaki Bylaws.


12. The Head Coach shall have the right to suspend any player for 1 game, subject to applicable provisions of

the Abenaki Bylaws.


13. Players that continually break team rules may be subject to disciplinary action by the Abenaki Board of