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Please complete all steps of the the online registration process, including payment, for EACH child that wants to play on an Abenaki Lacrosse team. Your child is not officially registered until you receive a confirmation email from Abenaki Lacrosse. Should you have any questions regarding registration, please contact us at abenakilacrosse@gmail.com. 


All Abenaki Lacrosse players must be members of US Lacrosse (cost of $30). For returning players, this means they must renew their membership for the upcoming season and it must be good throughout the entire season. For new players, they must create a new membership for the upcoming season. Our online registration program will lead you to this step/site automatically. When asked for a "club affiliation", select "Abenaki Lacrosse". Instructional players may be eligible for a "6U US Lacrosse Membership" for a reduced cost of $15.